Thursday, December 27, 2012

New to blogging.

Yeah, I'm new at the blogging. But here goes nothing!

Why did I start a blog? Because I've recently became a house mom... again. I got married a couple months back. And I'm also expecting our second. I'm 4 years younger than my husband. And He just turned 27, my turn next month. I was a house mom when my son was born because I was forced to, I couldn't find a job! But I loved spending that time with him. This time around, I quit my job. Yep. I was fortunate enough to have a job but it all got to me. The stress, the "I miss my son," and the "I want to spend time with him before the baby comes," the fact that I was a temp in need of some better health insurance and I kept getting promised that I would get the permanent position (temp to perm). Never happened. Got tired of waiting and at one point was even told that "You're position will no longer be available when you get back from maternity leave." Thanks. So going back to the question, why a blog? Because I'm not a house mom again, I'm a house wife, and a mother of two (soon). I need to get off that under the age of 21 lifestyle where everyone did everything for me,
stop being lazy and get on my stuff.
I need to be ORGANIZED, CLEAN, and I need to start COOKING again. I need to be a wife. I spend lots of time with my son and now I need to take a slight right to make a change in my life for the better.
And I shall be writing about it.
Let's do this homies!

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