Friday, January 11, 2013

A couple days...

It has been a couple days.
Lately I've been feeling that odd feeling when you're in your last trimester.
The feeling where you can't sleep, eat properly because you get full quickly and feel bloated and stretched out. Also the feeling that the baby is going to jump out of your belly button like in a scene from an Alien movie.
This kid is a jumper. But he's just like his brother. He was like that too.
These boys... They'll probably be the death of me. But I have a great love for them.
A lot has happened the last couple days. I've been trying to organize as much as possible. And clean as much as possible.
It's a bit difficult when there's two families living under one roof.
I really want out though. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents. I just can't live with them.
It sounds funny, but it's the honest truth.
Since I quit my job, my son has started to come to me again. He cries to me. He complains to me. I love it.
He's getting so big! He's learning so much! He's starting to copy us too <3
I can't wait until he meets his brother.
I'm sure they'll get a long. He has shown us with other babies. I think he sort of gets it. Hopefully we will get to potty train him soon! He's showing signs that he might be getting ready. But I'm not sure he's quite there yet.
Well, the wheels have been turning in my life. And looks like they're going in the right direction. I hope they are for you as well.
Much love,

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