Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year’s Organizing Revolution

So late last week I decided to join an Organizing Revolution link party.
I found this on a blog I follow Clean Mama.
She is one of the hostess.  There are of course several more. On the link you will be able to see the list she put.
It's a great way to start out the year by organizing. It's a contest. There is a calendar which explains what section of the room one must organize, in what week. Also when the voting begins!
Yeah pretty neat.
Since I'm an amateur at this, I waited until the last day to post about it and link my blog to the link party. Voting starts tomorrow, Friday the 4th and ends on Sunday the 6th.
This week was Office/Desk area. And since I'm residing with my mother at this moment, MY desk area is the dinning room table that no one uses, but the actual desk (office) with the computer is right next to it.
Here are some pictures of how it looked like when I started.
 My laptop is at the back there!
 The family computer.
 The dinning room table no one "uses." A bit trashy but also had our personals.
 The printer and storage area.
 A panorama of the area that NEEDED organizing and some cleaning.
Ok so now here are some pictures of the after math of me not only cleaning but also organizing. It took me around an hour, hour and a half. Remember I have a toddler and I'm also 30 weeks pregnant. So I was slowed down quite a bit.
 The computer!
 The printer/storage area. (My mom wanted to keep the baskets there, but I organized the paper work and ended putting pictures on the left basket and coupons and notebooks on the right basket.)
 Organized my mother's binder for her church things and also some notebooks and the printer paper.
My son's medical records and appointments and shot records.
Organized my little "craft" section. There was another box with other things.
 The dinning room table that no one uses looks USABLE!
And last but not least, the panorama of the area, the organized and clean area :)
So now part of the house I currently live in is nicely organized, and clean. Mail was separated (the table had lots of mail) and sorted out and handed to the correct people. Trash was thrown. Whatever looked like it wasn't important was most likely trash. And the areas were dusted to give it that nice little sparkle.
It feels good to have a nice area with space now. Next week, the kitchen!


  1. nice work! what a beautiful table, I hope you take time to enjoy your newly organized space

    1. Thank you very much! And I will! Have a great weekend!