Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's been almost 3 weeks

He's so beautiful.
He's healthy.
He looks so much like his older brother.
They're almost like twins! It's crazy.
People keep telling us, "It's because they're close in age."
Maybe I just make beautiful children!
Ha! This surgery was different because he was breeched. It was intense. I didn't jump when they put the epidural in. That's what I was mostly afraid of. But the pressure of the doctors pushing and pulling was crazy. They were tugging and I was moving from left to right. It may sound over dramatic but when I tell you that it was even a bit hard to breathe, I'm serious. Other women can say, "Oh, it wasn't that bad for me." Ask them how long it's been since they're surgery? Because mine was less than a month ago...
Recovery was pretty much the same for me. We were there for a total of 48 hours. My friend who had a regular C-section was there for 72 hours. So I'm thinking I was a trooper. I tried not to complain a lot. But I still made it known when I was in pain. I just hate those pads though. Ugh. I was so glad to use my own. But the ugly underwear was a lot easier to use than my own.
Preparing ourselves for the stay felt like it took us forever. Thank god for me making a list. Did the hubby follow it? Of course not... But he can't blame me. My mother was awesome enough to take care of big brother for me.
Speaking about big brother; He is such an awesome helper. He LOVES his brother. So much. It's ADORABLE. He helps with feedings, diaper changes. He wants to give him kisses and hold him. The cutest thing was when the nurses brought little brother into the room. Big brother went "Mine!" He even got to hold him that same night.

Ok so that's enough about that experience for one post. WARNING: There will be more.
Much love,

Abbii <3

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