Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And so it begins!


I've read all those blogs about tips and stuff on how to make it easier to potty train you child. I read them with care. But what I noticed is that they were potty training girls. So I continued my search for potty training boys. But then the boys I read about were around 2 1/2 - 3 years old. But my son is 20 months! He just passed the 1 1/2 year mark.
Why so early?
I don't think it's early at all actually. He communicates very good with us. Doctor even said that his vocabulary is great for his age. Bilingual children usually start putting sentences together a bit later than kids who speak one language.
But it's ok. I guess we are sort of going "blind" at potty training. I like it that way. We have a small set up for his potty training. He has this small step stool that has a pic of Mickey Mouse and the Club House friends. We move that to the sink so he can wash his hands when he's done with the potty. He has a couple accidents a day. We're using a chart. He gets to play with his toys as he sits.
We give him rewards, sort of. Sometimes he gets to put a quarter in his piggy bank. We give him high-fives. He gets hoorays and gets to flush the toilet! He gets to put a sticker in his chart.
We also bought this whale. The whale is a faucet extension so he can wash his hand. The cool thing about it is that it opens at the bottom so the adults can wash there hands instead of using a small stream of water. Well that silly whale is sometimes left closed... And me being an adult, I set that faucet to high so I can wash my hands. Turns out that the whale is pretty sturdy and can hold the weight of the water because I get hit was this nice burst of cold water.
That's also ok, because it doesn't just happen to me. Hee hee.
My son doesn't exactly like the potty. He sometimes lies about when he has to go. But it happens.
I do not know how those people on the blogs that I read can potty train their kids in 3 days. I know I'm a stay at home mom but gosh!

Well, that's what's happening right now...
Much love,

Abbii <3

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