Sunday, February 3, 2013

Look what you got!

My husband and I realized that baby #2 is 4 weeks away!
And since we're renting my mom's 2 spare bedrooms we decided that we need to start organizing them to fit a family of 4. We started with getting ourselves a bed. Gosh I missed it. We got an inflatable due to us saving up for that nice Cali-King bed. Tee hee.
Then we got our first born a "big boy" drawer for his clothes. We hang his t-shirts and blue jeans so it hold his undies, socks, pj's, sweat pants and the clothes that are still too big for him.
Here's a pic of dad building it with the tools he got for Christmas ;P
Here it is finished! AWESOME colors!
I went through all of his clothes to see which fit and which didn't.
His drawer is now located in the closet (which has no doors). His old drawer is now going to be his little brother's and has all of his old clothes. After the baby shower, I'm going to go through the clothes and see which ones I want to keep as hand me downs. We mainly registered for newborn and 0-3. I gave all of that clothes away because I thought I wasn't going to have another child!!!
It's ok, all is forgiven, because the clothes went to people that actually put them to good use!
I don't think it's wrong for my kids to use hand me downs. Some of the clothes were barely worn.

I know this; I dressed him up! I also started the vertical folding or filing clothes. It saves up a lot of space. I was thinking about putting his pull-ups in some of the "drawers" because there's a couple empty.
His superhero underwear!

We cleared up a lot from the closet. (That room used to be my room, back in the days before kids, marriage, and stress lol.) Once I moved out, it was left as a storage room for my mom. So we had to make room! My husband and I are currently in my brother's former room.
Our room is next. We started organizing it and made some space. Since the rooms are small, you can only do so much...
We also started potty training, but that will be another post ;)

Thanks for reading about my life!
Much love,

Abbii <3

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